Bulk Orders

Bulk Orders for Tropical Fruit & Exotic Spices

Hi There,

Are you here because you are a restaurant, bar, casino or resort manager looking to buy dehydrated cocktail garnishing in bulk? At Garnish Me Store we take bulk orders or create white label dehydrated fruits and spices based on your needs, or simply deliver our cocktail garnishes to your door step.

Our bulk order minimums are just 20 units from any item and can customize it to any size you wish.

When placing bulk order with us per serving cost ( Per slice  : Lime , Lemon , Pineapple ) could be as low as $ 0.08. Buying your dehydrated cocktail garnish in bulk will help save you dollars in reduced waste and headache of having to deal with supply chain issues.

Just drop a Hi at hi@garnishme.store and we can get talking