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3.5 Oz Dehydrated Orange Slices | Cocktail Garnishes | Dried Orange slices | Dehydrated

3.5 Oz Dehydrated Orange Slices | Cocktail Garnishes | Dried Orange slices | Dehydrated

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*Over 70 Servings*

No fresh Oranges on hand? These dehydrated Orange slices are the perfect alternative.

This value packs of Dehydrated Oranges are a beautiful alternative to adding fresh fruit wheels to your drinks. 

The drying process darkens their color, and softens the aromas, so the scent of your cocktail comes shining through.

These dehydrated Oranges look beautiful floating atop your carefully crafted Gin, Vodka based cocktails.

Dehydrated Orange slices are a great option for steeping in teas, infusing alcohol, or for decorating baked goods, or making wreaths. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. 

Make yourself an old fashion pick up the glass, sit by the fireside, and enjoy the holidays as this thought process, and you bring yourself to the kitchen table and dam the Oranges are finished. For that time of crisis, Garnish Me bring out the full range of dehydrated garnishes, and now you can buy wholesale Dried Lime Slices. And now the home is your new club host parties make different kinds of cocktails infused with dehydrated lime slices. All slices are handcrafted. You can get 40 plus dehydrated pieces, and they can be combined with serval drinks best paired with vodka because it has no flavor of their own. Dried Oranges is lightly darkened in color through the dehydration process, and now its taste becomes mellow. Best used for tea, baked goods, makings wreath, and cocktails. It is the best gift for the cocktail or liquor enthusiast.

  • Between 1.5" to 2"
  • Seeded
  • Small batch: color/size slightly vary from one batch to the next
  • 100% fruit; nothing else added
  • 1 ingredient: Oranges
  • Custom & Bulk Orders, Corporate & Gift Kits, Always Welcome


100% Natural ingredients

No preservatives or additives


Gluten free

Country of Origin

Made in Sri Lanka

Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place

Shelf stable up to 2 years

Refund Policy

Due to our products being a perishable good, we are unable to offer refunds. But If you have any feedback or questions regarding a return, please send us an email at

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