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Welcome to Garnishe ME ( ME Garnish ™) . A family owned cocktail garnish & cocktail infusion company established in 2020. Garnish ME was founded with a simple goal - to connect cocktail enthusiasts from all over the world with authentic, high-quality cocktail garnishing produce sourced from a beautiful tropical island.

They say the simplest pleasures of life are often experienced with good a good drink & good friends.

Buy our dehydrated fruits for cocktails which is cocktail ready
and easy to use. Our dehydrated Lime slices, dehydrated Lemons are perfect to infused hot and cold teas, sparkling water and mocktails.

Our premium quality cocktail garnishing and infusion range includes dehydrated lime slices, dehydrated lemon slices, dehydrated dragon fruit slices,
Dehydrated pineapple slices with & without the rind, Hibiscus flowers, blue butterfly pea, cinnamon sticks & cocktail glass rimming salts & sugars.

White labeling, wholesale & subscription delivery available
for Bars, Hotels, catering companies and Restaurants

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Premium garnishing fruits & spices

Explore the pure taste and perfume of dehydrated garnish hand curated to make your drinking experience finer. Garnish me bring you to Buy Dehydrated Fruits for Cocktails or mocktails to make amazing drinks and enjoy on holiday or make a Sunday to relax and do self-care. We are the Cocktail and mocktail Garnish Wholesale, Supplier and we offer you freshly dehydrated high-quality garnishes
produced and sourced from a beautiful tropical island. 


Why use dehydrated fruit in cocktails?

Dehydrated fruits make excellent cocktail garnishes for several reasons. Firstly, they are more durable than fresh fruit, meaning they can be stored for longer periods of time without spoiling. This makes them ideal for use in bars and restaurants where freshness can be a challenge. Secondly, dehydrated fruits often have a more intense flavor than fresh fruit, which means they can add a more concentrated burst of flavor to a cocktail. Additionally, they can also be used to add visual appeal to a cocktail, as they can be shaped and manipulated in various ways to create eye-catching garnishes. Lastly, dehydrated fruits are often more cost-effective than fresh fruit, making them a budget-friendly option for bars and restaurants looking to elevate their cocktail offerings.

Can you put dried fruit in alcohol?

Infusing dehdyrated fruits in wines & spirits is a classic method bringing out flavours and Jazzing your drinks up. Dehdyrated Limes, Dehydrated Lemon , Dehdyrated oranges combined with spices is often used in Sanrgria's or tropic cocktials

How can dehydrated cocktail garnishes be customized for specific events or themes?

Dehydrated cocktail garnishes can be customized in a variety of ways to match specific events or themes. For example, for a tropical-themed event, dehydrated pineapple or coconut flakes can be used as garnishes. For a holiday party, dehydrated cranberries or cinnamon sticks can add a festive touch. Customization can also be done by incorporating different flavors or colors. Dehydrated fruits can be infused with different spices or liqueurs to create unique flavors and colors that match specific events or themes. Additionally, dehydrated garnishes can be shaped and molded into various forms, such as stars or hearts, to match the event or theme. The possibilities are endless!

Which fruit is mostly used for cocktail garnishing?

Dehydrated citrus fruits such as lemons wheels, lime wheels and oranges wheels are some of the most popular types of garnishes for cocktails. They not only add a bright burst of flavor to a drink, but they also make for beautiful and versatile garnishes. Other popular dehydrated cocktail garnishes include berries, such as strawberries and raspberries, as well as herbs like Cinnamon & whole red Chili. These garnishes can add unique flavors and visual appeal to a variety of cocktails, from classic gin and tonics to fruity margaritas.